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This summer, let’s enjoy numbers and have fun with faster calculations. This 10-day curated program will help you learn at its best.

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Become a
Math Genius

- Understand basics of Vedic math as well as normal math.
- Secure good marks in various competitive examinations.
- Gain interest to compete for these exams and gives you the opportunity to secure a good ranking as well.

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Learn Math
The Vedic Way

Mathematics is derived from ancient methodologies, so Vedic is everywhere. It’s just a mix of methods and tricks to do math in a different quicker way. We work and organize these programs which will help each and everyone learn and understand Vedic math.

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Global Exposure

Having an expertise to interact with students as well as their parents and the schools across the world. Have been running successful programs to various markets like Canada, Australia, Dubai, London, India, etc.

Fun With Maths

Just like other subjects one has to understand basics in math first. Vedic makes it fun to learn numbers, helps in faster calculations, teaches the kids very new tricks and methods and especially helps in multiplication. For kids younger than 9, we suggest mental math.

Advanced Courses

This course would be recommended to those above the age of 13, who have the base for topics like algebra. This will help students do sums of even quadratic equations quickly and mentally. Even rough work won’t be needed. Factorization could be done mentally. Will help save time in competitive examinations.

Age Wise Learning

Its important to impart knowledge to students as per age and understanding ability, basic course is for ages starting from 9. Intermediate and advance courses for only those who have successfully completed the basics. Vedic School organizes the program as per the age and batch size or even individual one on one classes.

About The Vedic School

With current changing times and technological advancements, children have the opportunity to develop their minds further with online resources. I have been taking online classes since almost 4 years now, however before the Pandemic I have been teaching within India for almost 15 years now. Adoption of technology by everyone has made me explore and cross boundaries to global markets to interact with various other kids’ whose parents have been looking for betterment and advancement towards learning new tools for problem solving.

The Vedic School aims to develop the exploring mind and soul of this generation and to help them solve calculations at ease. Also being a Child Counsellor, my team & i would also blend the basic discipline and etiquettes in the children from the initial phase of life. The Vedic School plans to conduct Global Seminars for schools and parents which will be beneficial for all.

All students completing their program with us, will get a Certificate of Merit

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Our Courses

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Basic Level

Recommended for age of 9 years and above, or as per applicable calibre fo student.

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Intermediate Level

Recommended for students that have already completed basic level. Will help your chld to calculate like a computer.

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Advance Level

A programme curated for students to prepare them for competetive exams.

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Teach Your Kids How To Calculate Like a Computer

Vedic Maths Summer Camp

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Meet Your Mentor


I, Meenakshi Koul, am a self-learner. I have always loved to interact with students, teachers and parents about anything in relation to mathematics, thus having taken the initiative to start this new School for all of you to learn and fall in love with numbers. The Vedic Mathematics School is one of its kind digital school, where the wisdom of numbers shall be exchanged through various disciplines of ancient & modern methodologies. The science of solving numbers is simply Mathematics for me. We help students without disturbing their academics and to learn disciplines of Vedic Mathematics. Vedic math helps in solving calculations easily and quickly and is mainly used for the preparation of competitive exams as well as day to day calculations. I also take separate Mathematics classes online based on school curriculum & help students by clearing out the basics first because without a strong basic knowledge of mathematics, problem solving would become a difficulty.

Vedic Math is an ancient way of teaching mathematics. The day I first learnt the magic of vedic math was the day I fell in love with numbers. In short we are here to share & impart knowledge to all those who seek the same.

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